Today’s adventure


This morning me and my family woke up around 7, to head to the Atlanta Georgia lds temple to do baptisms for the dead. then shortly after, we where on are way to the Kennesaw Mountain, which was a battleground during the civil war! When we got there we went into the Museum to learn more about the grounds we would hike on. The hike was awesome it wasn’t super steep but there where a few spots that where a little bit steeper. My family hiked but I decided to run it! I was not expecting to get as dirty as I did, but I guess I kicked up a lot of dirt than expected. It was a very Rocky path so I had to be careful of where I stepped was I will say running down the mountain was a little nerve racking?But overall it was a really awesome and beautiful run/hike I really enjoyed it! Here are some pictures of my trip I didn’t get a chance to edit them but there still pretty good.